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Stories of great human adventures

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Let us set aside the illustrious figures of this world, inaccessible and enclosed in their bubbles, their every move chronicled in the press.

The characters in these books? Everyday people living incredible lives in extraordinary times. You could have crossed paths with people like them—and you may have crossed paths with people like them—without ever imagining the richness of their lives. They have witnessed great tragic events, such as war, but also lived through the transformations of our world. They offer us glimpses of exciting times, incredible adventures, happy moments in the past… With them, you will travel through time and take an unexpected journey to find out what life was really like generations ago in France. Enjoy stories of the past you’ve never heard before.

These books will also help you discover, through the eyes of real people, the hidden treasures of life in France in the olden days.

Books from the biographical novels collection to discover: