Serge Janouin-Benanti

Fernand goes to war

Version française


In the Breloux-La Crèche station, Fernand observes the joyful departure of the first mobilized, those of Sunday, August 2, 1914.

Fernand is doubtful. He is rather in line with Jaurès' ideas and spirit of peace. But how can we not let ourselves be taken by the joy of these young soldiers who want to avenge the defeat of 1870?

And then, as everyone says, this short conflict will prepare a hundred-year peace!

Anyway, at the age when one thinks of love, this war is not about him. He is in the 1915 levy, when he will be called, everything will be over long ago…

However, reality caught up with him, and a series of worrying questions followed for Fernand: when will he leave for the front? In what condition will he return? Will he ever see his house again?

Much more than a simple personal course, Fernand tells us the story of the men he met at the back, on the front line or in the prisoner-of-war camps. All these ordinary adventures, yet so poignant, transmits to us a complete vision of the Great War.

With his fifteenth book, Serge Janouin-Benanti offers us delicious intimate moments in the midst of an infernal turmoil. Exciting and instructive.