Serge Janouin-Benanti

The centenarian and his 1000 cars

Version française

The great human adventure of Robert Dumazet

Born in 1901, Robert Dumazet makes us share his automobile passion through his mechanic work. Insatiable in his desire for testing all type of cars, he will have, all through his live, more than thousand cars, without ever buying a brand new one. He revives in front of us, thanks to innumerable tasty anecdotes, all the European, American and Japanese brands that made their mark during the 20th century.

Beyond the mechanical adventure, it is a great human adventure that Robert Dumazet tells us. Entered in the automobile environment thanks to a saucy glance, he makes us discover the universe of the factory work at the beginning of the 20th century. He entrusts to us the memories of his meetings with men like Joffre, Hiro-Hito, Maginot, Marot, Barré and with very many other picturesque characters.

Incidentally, Robert Dumazet delivers his philosophy of life to us, perhaps source of his longevity.

The appendices, which include a remarkable study on the evolution of the car during the hundred last years, will largely satisfy the curious ones which wants to know some more about the automobile brands and the characters met during the account.