Overview of the True Stories CollectionsVersion française

Crime Novels

Based on real criminal cases, these novels reconstruct the lives of the perpetrators and victims of true crimes.

The author strives to decipher the motivations of the main characters and understand their psychology. The characters’ personalities are not simplified or reduced to stereotypes; they are presented in all of their complexity.

The crimes themselves are sometimes horrific, but always treated with sensitivity and humanity. These works of creative nonfiction are both captivating and moving.

In this collection you’ll find bestsellers like:

Cruel Tales

Tales of true yet cruel deeds are the focus of this collection. Each criminal case is presented in the form of a short stories, and the stories are grouped by theme or by geographic region.

Thematic books include:

Or explore crimes in France by region:

Historical Novels

These novels plunge us into the heart of great moments in French history. Going off the beaten path, you will discover true stories of little-known events that are sure to captivate and intrigue you.

Solidly documented, each book is a good read that uncovers fascinating hidden stories, all while expanding our knowledge of key moments in European history.

In this collection, you’ll find:

Biographical Novels

Discover the worlds of everyday people living incredible lives in extraordinary times.

The true stories of their lives are told with passion and biographical accuracy. These books reveal what life was really like for those living in France in generations past.

In this collection, you’ll find: