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Criminal novels

Based on truthful criminal cases, these novels reconstruct the life of the criminal and his victims.

The author tries to decipher the psychology of the main characters and to understand what motivated them. The personalities are not simplified and the characters sound true.

Crimes sometimes horrible, but always treated with sensitivity. These novels are captivating and moving.

In this collection we find bestsellers like:

Cruel tales and strangely truthful

Place here to short stories. Each criminal case is treated as a more or less long story.

To form a coherent book, these short stories are grouped by theme, such as:

Either by region as:

Historical novels

These novels plunge us into the heart of the great moments of our history. By going off the beaten path, they make us discover episodes often little known, but how exciting.

Strongly documented, each book entertains us while improving our knowledge about essential periods of our past.

In this collection, we find in particular:

Biographical novels

We are entering the world of our parents and grandparents.

It is their life that they tell us with passion. These books bring us back to our roots.

In this collection, we find in particular: