Viviane Janouin-Benanti

The August Murderer

Version française

A Serial Killer

The quiet village of Niort, in western France, was shocked by horrific crimes three times. Each time, the crime occurred during the torrid heat of August. Each time, the victim’s face was disfigured. It was the signature of a serial killer.

But how did he choose his victims? What did they have in common? What was the link between a sadistic pedophiliac guard at the penitentiary in Chizé and Marie, a little girl with blonde braids who used to sing and skip through the meadows in Fressines? And what could they have in common with Hélène, a young woman who had just left the Carmelite convent and had only begun to experience life?

In this novel, you will be captivated by Viviane Janouin-Benanti’s heart-racing narrative. Step by step, she follows the killer as he tracks and kills his victims. Over a thirty-year period, mistakes would be made in identifying the author of these crimes, giving him free rein to indulge in his criminal passions.

Against a backdrop of pedophilia and incest, sexuality plays a key role in the life of Marseil Sabourin, the famous serial killer of Niort.

A captivating and moving epic tale brought to life by talented storyteller Viviane Janouin-Benanti.