Viviane Janouin-Benanti

The August murderer

Version française

A serial killer

By three times a horrible crime will disturb Niort (West of France town) quietude. By three times, in the torrid heat of August, the disfigured face of the victim will be the signature of the killer.

But which is the link between the victims? Between the sadistic and pedophile guard of the penal settlement of Chizé and Marie the child with the fair braids who sings while skipping along the meadows? Which relationship with Helene, the girl who has just left the Carmelite convent and who only just experiences life?

In this novel, one lets oneself involve by the palpitating narrative of Viviane Janouin-Benanti. Step by step, she follows the trail of the killer and his impulses. During 30 years, the society will cumulate the errors and criminal passions thus will clear their way.

Against a backdrop of pedophilia and incest, sexuality plays a key role in the Marseil Sabourin’s life, the famous serial killer from Niort.

A singular epic that the talent of Viviane Janouin-Benanti makes captivating and so close to us.