Viviane Janouin-Benanti

Demonic Powers and Freemasons

Version française

After World War I, Freemasonry was on the rise in La Rochelle, a coastal city in western France, and its members were powerful, provoking jealousy on the part of others. Anti-Masonic groups, like the Labarum emerged as well, with the singular objective of combatting Freemasonry.

Not far away, but far from this ideological battle, in the town of Marans, lived a little girl with Down’s syndrome named Lili. All she wanted was to be loved and accepted. Thanks to the patience of her parish priest and the love of her parents, she was growing up and making progress every day. She found a protector in Maurice, an orphaned child that her parents would eventually adopt.

The problem was that Lili’s father, Samuel Sacré, was a very wealthy man. He was a mussel farmer in nearby Charron, one of the most prosperous and well-known areas for mussels. Some in the community were already envious of his success, but finding out about his family and the fact that he was a Freemason quickly turned envy into hate and hate into crime.

So begins an astounding criminal case that is only solved thanks to the keen intuition of two gendarmes who were able to unmask the true perpetrators of the crime.

With crystal clear writing, Viviane Janouin-Benanti draws us into a complex society and challenges preconceived notions about disability. A captivating true story that shows how love transcends difference.