Serge & Viviane Janouin-Benanti

Three Seasons in Hell

Version française

The Possessed of Loudun

God is demanding. All the heroes of this historical novel are fully aware of this. But what exactly is He asking them to do?

  • For Father Joseph, to convert the Protestants or annihilate them?
  • For Cardinal de Richelieu, to preserve the greatness of France and destroy all opposition?
  • To do for his best within the limits of his means, relying on the generosity and tolerance of his Lord, as parish priest Urbain Grandier professes?
  • To live through great torments to finally attain glory, as Mother Superior Jeanne des Anges wishes?
  • To defeat and humiliate the demons who have taken possession of human bodies, as the exorcist priests, Mignon and Tranquille, proclaim?
  • To elevate to holiness the few souls touched by God's grace, as Father Surin asserts?

All of these historical figures will meet and many will come into conflict with each other. For some, God's call will lead to torture and murder.

This is one of the most fascinating cases of mass demonic possession in French history, culminating in one of the most well-known 17th-century witchcraft trials.

A chilling book that you won’t come away from unscathed.

Table of Contents:

  • The Hell of the Senses
  • The Hell of Dogmas
  • The Mystical Hell