Serge Janouin-Benanti

Doctor Lemonnier's Miracles

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13 Crimes in Morbihan

Welcome to the Morbihan region in Brittany, where 13 shocking true crime stories await you, including:

  • Louis Le Foulgoc and Anne-Marie Le Govic, the cursed fiancés of Vannes
  • Anne-Louise Le Calvé, the she-wolf of Brandérion
  • Joseph-Marie Clodic, the terror of Allaire en Redon
  • The miraculous cures of Alphonse Lemonnier, the fake doctor of Ploërmel
  • Jeanne Moreau, the libertine postmistress of Cléguérec
  • The revolting crime of Stéphanie Le Quentrec in Guidel
  • The unimaginable Mathurin Lodeho case
  • The crooked notary Yves Guyot, the famous forger of Locminé
  • Jean-François Le Ribler, the vile son of Plouharnel
  • Augustin Le Corvec, the irascible poacher of Auray
  • Le Toullec, the inquisitive judge of Belle-Île
  • Henri Déro, who plagued the families of La Grée-Saint-Laurent
  • Finally in Lorient, a court martial finding Commander Guy responsible for the loss of the battleship France at the passage of La Teignouse close to Quiberon…

A talented short story writer, Serge Janouin-Benanti has selected and researched the most extraordinary true crime stories from Morbihan, where intrigues, treason, love, crimes, and mysteries intertwine for your reading enjoyment.