Serge Janouin-Benanti

Doctor Lemonnier's miracles

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13 crimes in Morbihan

Here are 13 incredible criminal cases in Morbihan:

  • Louis Le Foulgoc and Anne-Marie Le Govic, the cursed fiancés of Vannes;
  • Anne-Louise Le Calvé, the she-wolf of Brandérion;
  • Joseph-Marie Clodic, the terror of Allaire en Redon;
  • The miraculous cures of Alphonse Lemonnier, the false doctor of Ploërmel;
  • Jeanne Moreau, the libertine postmistress of Cléguérec;
  • The revolting crime of Stéphanie Le Quentrec in Guidel;
  • The unthinkable Mathurin Lodeho case;
  • The notary Yves Guyot, famous forger of Locminé;
  • Jean-François Le Ribler, the vile son of Plouharnel;
  • Augustin Le Corvec, the irascible poacher of Auray;
  • Le Toullec, the inquisitive judge of Belle-Île;
  • Henri Déro, the plague of the families of La Grée-Saint-Laurent;
  • Finally in Lorient, the martial court which judged the Commander Guy for the loss of the dreadnought France at the passage of La Teignouse close to Quiberon…

Talented short story writer, Serge Janouin-Benanti as usual selected the most extraordinary true stories from Morbihan, where intrigues, treasons, love, crimes and mysteries mix for our greatest pleasure.