Serge Janouin-Benanti

The "Boyaux rouges" confessor

Version française

13 crimes in Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Thirteen seizing criminals cases, to discover the attaching land of belfries, coalmines and human warmth.

  • In Oignies and Ostricourt the coalminer Valentin Hudziak, captured at Noyelles-sous-Lens and guillotined at Cuincy when he deserved the honors due to the first Resistance;
  • The mysterious band of Audresselles, operating from Calais to Boulogne, with the incredible Joseph Lemettre;
  • In Arras, the horrible Dr Godart;
  • Markets of Béthune and Bruay animated by the inimitable egg merchant from Oeuf, Bruno Brillois;
  • From Bavincourt to Saint-Pol, between love and hatred, Catherine Dehée, Hennebois widow;
  • In Arras, Louis Thumerel, fascinated by the gold of the Société Générale bank;
  • In Boulogne, the terrible bigamist Jean-Baptiste Leduc, who will push horror to paroxysm;
  • Mrs. Courbot and Mr. Ancel, the terrible lovers of Vedringhem, who will throw out the bothering husband in the Aa river, close to Saint-Omer;
  • At Bruay, Hersin-Coupigny, Barlin, Bully, Lens, the foolish gang of Carpentier;
  • In Lumbres, it would have been better not to oppose the devouring passion of the very young Bruno Lesecq for an appetizing fifty years old cooker;
  • The famous Muchembled cousins from Rivière: criminals and novelists;
  • Maximilien Longuet, this amazing assassin, who frightened even his confessor, however accustomed to mix with the worst criminals of the department;
  • And finally, the fatal route of Raoul Tremblié which started at Buenos Aires to finish in Dunkerque, Douai and Saint Omer.