Serge Janouin-Benanti

The Sorcerer Child

Version française

13 Crimes in Charente-Maritime

Discover the Charente-Maritime region of southwestern France through this poignant, mysterious, and moving assortment of true crime stories, including:

  • A rash of crimes of passion in places like Rochefort, Cognac, Marennes, Royan, Saint-Georges-of-Agouts, Courçon, and Saint-Fort
  • The quadruple crime of Trente-Vents near Saint-Xandre;
  • The wicked Louis Ribéreau from Landrais;
  • Near Tonnay-Boutonne and Taillant, six men who burned the feet of their victims to get them to talk
  • When a sex offender from Thaims meets another sex offender
  • At Surgères, the abominable Jean-Baptiste Augros
  • In Saintes, the famous Countess Le Gardeur de Tilly and her destructive jealousy
  • In Jonzac, the Machiavellian Bertrand doubled-crossed by Furetwho was even worse than him
  • In Saint-Jean-d'Angély, the extraordinary case of the sorcerers of Villemorin
  • At Saint-Savinien, the envious Germaine Besse who sent Judith and Sarah to death because of a sewing machine
  • The unforgettable Marguerite Jollet from Courpignac, to whom much was forgiven
  • In Saintes, Jules Dejonkère, the revolutionary railway man, tried for endangering national safety
  • And finally, the odyssey and the famous trial of the 4, or rather 5, Sergeants of La Rochelle.
Serge Janouin-Benanti carries us away to the area of Charente-Maritime with 13 true crime stories that are as riveting as those in his previous books.