Serge Janouin-Benanti


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13 Criminal Cases of Poisonings

Imagine 365 people poisoned, with 42 deaths! Are we talking about the Borgia family? No. This was the work of handful of poisoners in French cities and country villages. Whether you find them moving or revolting, these 13 short stories will take you on a tour of France to discover the country’s most surprising poisoners!

Learn about poisoners who mercilessly rid themselves of annoying husbands in Marseille; or who poison a priest's maid who was a bit too curious in Angoulême…

Encounter a young girl with the face of an angel who exterminates her entire family in Gers.

On the wine route in Alsace, find an old man who settles a score…

In the Franche-Comté region, in Antwerp and Saint-Amant, victims succumb to poisoning one after the other…

Too tempting to resist, peer into the cupboard full of poisons belonging to a pharmacist in Blois.

In the Lorraine region, in Bruyères, see how someone takes out life insurance on all the members of his family and, with a little poison, is able to pay off his debts…

Observe how people sprinkle arsenic into drinks in Sundgau, into cakes in Tarbes and Paris, and even bake it into all of the bread at a bakery in Saint-Denis!

Meet men and women who kill with all kinds of surprising poisons… and never admit their deeds.

In this, his ninth book, Serge Janouin-Benanti again draws on incredible true stories to plunge us into the astounding universe of poisoners and their victims.