Serge Janouin-Benanti

Trains of Crime

Version française

13 Criminal Cases on the Railways

In this collection of epic railroad stories based on true historical events, you will be surprised and enthralled by what human passions can lead to, and you may never look at other passengers on a train in the same way again. This book includes:

  • “No rails on my land!”: A fiery lady named Dumarest removes the tracks from her land in the dark of night
  • “The first bloody trunk”: Police chief Roata investigates the incredible Blétry case
  • “Down with the railway!”: About the time when stations and bridges were burned
  • “The train of pleasures”: The excitement of riding the rails slips sinful thoughts into the minds of even the most pious of travelers
  • “Assassination in a coach”: The prey travels exclusively in first class
  • “The wrecker of trains”: When destitution leads to the worst crimes
  • “A Matter of State”: The assassin of the Prefect Barrême is advised to give himself up
  • “Night train”: Not to be read by women who travel alone
  • “The 10:35 express train”: One of the most incredible criminal stories that culminates at the Lantern of the Dead
  • “Attack in the mail car”: An absolute temptation for thieves
  • “Murder on the Paris-Montargis”: The assassination of one of the wealthiest women in France
  • “Ultimate sacrifice”: Willpower and self-sacrifice beyond human comprehension
  • “A courageous railway man”: Acts of resistance in the face of inhumanity.

Serge Janouin-Benanti delightfully draws us into drama on the rails and in train stations, introducing us to the stories of real people, some despicable, some charming, whose lives and deeds will move you one way or another.