Serge Janouin-Benanti

Trains of crime

Version française

13 criminal cases in railways world

Here is a surprising and enthralling epic of the railway told through the human passions and the crimes:

  • No rails on my land! The bustling Dumarest lady take them off during the night;
  • The first bloody trunk. The police chief Roata against the incredible Blétry case;
  • Down with the railway! In time past when the stations and the bridges were burned;
  • The train of pleasures. The exciting trepidations of the train slips the sin into the most pious hearts;
  • Assassination in a coach. The prey exclusively travels first class;
  • The wrecker of trains. When misery leads to the worst crimes;
  • Reasons of State. The prefect Barrême assassin is requested to give itself up;
  • Night train. Not to be read by the women who use to travel alone;
  • The express train of 22:35. One of the most incredible criminal stories which takes place close to the Lantern of deaths;
  • The attack of the mail van. The absolute temptation for brigands;
  • Murder on the Paris-Montargis. The assassination of one of the wealthiest women in France;
  • Ultimate sacrifice. A will and a self-abnegation out of human understanding;
  • A courageous railwayman. Acts of Resistance against inhumanity.

Serge Janouin-Benanti involves us with delights in the express trains and stations to keep close with despicable or charming people, who, in no case, do not let indifferent.