Serge Janouin-Benanti

Joan the poisoner

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13 crimes in Deux-Sèvres

What a lot of incredible criminal cases in Deux-Sèvrescountry!

Serge Janouin-Benanti has selected the thirteen most astonishing:

  • Jeanne Belouin the poisoner of Nueil-les-Aubiers,
  • The mystery of the two Madeleine Miot, husbands killers, at Priaire and Maisontiers ;
  • Marie Bonnin and Joseph Courtin the accursed lovers of Coulonge-sur-l'Autize;
  • The bloody well of Brion near to Argenton-l'Église with Baptiste Boudié;
  • The impudent escape of Etienne Giraudeau native of La Rochénard;
  • Pierre Rivière the pretentious murderer of Pas-de-Jeu près near Thouars;
  • The enigma of the Mauzé crime, for which Louis Giraudlost his head;
  • The famous Bossard case with the abused childs of Brioux-sur-Boutonne;
  • The crime of Léon Lamy and d'Ernestine Périneau in Breloux-La-Crêche, the most famous and the most mediatized of all the murders of the area…
  • The judge René Chasteau of the court of Parthenay, which carried out the investigations into two murders commited in one week at Ménigoute and Gourgé by René Charon and Dominique Coelorum;
  • And of course the astounding case of the anarchist and counterfeiter Joseph Lauer, responsible of the most bloody chase in the streets of Niort.

Enthralling short stories which involves us with delight in a country full with surprises.