Serge Janouin-Benanti

Criminal Physicians

Version française

Doctor Petiot and Co.

Doctors strongly animated by human passions: love, jealousy, game, money, desire…

Doctors serial killers, like Dr. Holmes and his hundreds victims in his “Murder Castle”.

Doctors avenger, mad, sadistic

13 portraits of physicians who, forgetting their Hippocratic oath, suppress their patients, their relationships, and even their colleagues.

Imaginative and cultivated, they use for their purpose poisons, gas, injections, guns, bistouries; as much weapons which do not forgive.

Pierce the soul of these so particular criminals with a guide, an expert in medicine and crime! From his cell n° 7 of ward 7 of the prison “de la santé” where he awaits his execution, Dr. Petiot tells their lives in detail by analyzing each case with his sharp and pitiless spirit.

A stunning book.