Serge Janouin-Benanti

Criminal Physicians

Version française

Doctor Petiot, doctor H.H. Holmes and Co.

Doctors are humanand may be strongly motivated by human passions: love, jealousy, competition, money, desire…

Doctors can also be serial killers, like Dr. Holmes and the hundreds of victims he brought to his castle of torture…

Doctors are also sometimes vigilantes, insane, sadistic

In this collection you’ll find descriptions of 13 physicians who, betraying the Hippocratic oath, give in to their darkest impulses and kill their patients, their acquaintances, even their colleagues.

Both imaginative and sophisticated, they use things like poisons, gas, injections, guns, or scalpels for their own twisted ends, turning them into lethal weapons that are unforgiving.

Pierce the souls of these very unique criminals with a guide, an expert in medicine and crime! From his cell n° 7 in ward 7 of the La Santé prison where he awaits his execution, Dr. Petiot narrates the lives of criminal doctors in detail by analyzing each case with his sharp and pitiless wit.

A stunning book.